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Keeping up with Instagram

Social Media... Keeping up with the social media has become a job in itself!! So i've recently joined Instagram under the name @lawrencegilesdrummer as I wanted a place to post regular day to day drum related things . I never realised how fast paced it is and how on top of posting you really need to be to see results in regards to people viewing your pictures and's craaaaaazy!

Post At The Right Time

Timing is Everything

The first thing i'd say for anyone looking to start building a following on Instagram is post regularly and on a daily basis, try to post at peak times (between 7am - 9am and 5pm - 7pm). I recently read somewhere that the most activity happens on a Wednesday between 5pm - 6pm so try to save your best content for then.

I'm no expert on this at all and am still trying to

figure out what to post each day but if you can hit those times you might have more chance of more people seeing your content.

Always post great content

Another little tip is do not post things straight away, try to save some of your pictures and videos. Let's say you went out playing a gig and took lots of 'my office' shots and awesome pictures of the crowd and venue. It's a good idea to save of those pictures for another day so you consistently have good content to keep your followers happy. A good way to manage this would be to make a folder on your phone, ipad, laptop or desktop to save the media into to then post at a later date. Even if the pictures may not be relevant when you later post them the beauty with Instagram is all you need to do is pop the 'ol #Repost in front of your text and your post will be visible again. A lot of people tend to do this on a Thursday for #ThrowbackThursday or #TBT #tbt.

I have an active Facebook page but I kind of wanted to save that for the more 'polished' or edited videos and then use Instagram for the day-to-day stuff... here's the kind of things i'm posting at the moment.

My Instagram Videos (Ok so here I was going to post the video in this blog for you to make it easier for you guys so you don't have to go to an external link but unfortunately I can only do that with YouTube content.... so here's some links! haha) Instagram Example 1 - Thank you for reading this post and please if anyone has any comments or suggestions for future post please post them below as i'm still working at this....

CONTACT AND SOCIALS:- As always here's various links to my online social media. Drop me a follow or like and keep up to date! Drummer Facebook Tuition Facebook Instagram Page Twitter Page

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