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Derbyshire Drum Tuition (L G Drum Lessons)

Welcome to my first EVER blog post ..

So let's talk about drum lesson and Tuition in Derbyshire and more specifically Chesterfield & Sheffield drum lessons. I have been working as a professional freelance musician for the better part of 7 years now and after moving to Chesterfield in 2015 I decided I wanted to add another string to my bow so to speak and started up L G DRUM LESSONS. L G DRUM LESSON is a private music tuition service offering 1-to-1 drum lessons and group tuition. We are based in Chesterfield but operate in Sheffield, Chesterfield & Derby. You can find out more about what we offer on the TUITION page. I have always wanted to offer drum lessons to aspiring musicians and I am now lucky enough to travel all over doing home visit lessons whilst also teaching from my studios in Chesterfield and Sheffield. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing something click with a student when you have just taught them a new lick or technique and there's that ' I get it' moment. I strive to have one of those moments in every lesson now because you know that what you are demonstrating really has sunk in and the student fully understands the workings of what you are teaching. I honestly think teaching good drum lessons ultimately comes down to building good relationship on a personal and working level with your students. Taking time in the lesson to engage in general chat and having fun is vitally important. You could be the best teacher in the world with all the knowledge under the sun but if the lessons are not fun and engaging your students wont feel enthused to come back each week. I tent to break my drum lessons up in to clear sections to make sure the student is engaged but not over worked so that none of the information is going in. Here's how I tend to structure my lessons:-

Structuring a Drum Lesson

(Based on a one hour lesson with a new student)

____________________________________________________ 5 Minutes : Meet & Greet 10 Minutes : Rudiments 20minutes : Practice Piece (song, groove ect) 15 Minutes : Fun Time 10 Minutes : New Piece _____________________________________________________

Please head over to the TUITION page to find out more about L G DRUM LESSONS and keep checking back for more blog posts. You can also find me on on the link below: I'm very new to this so still working on new posts... if there is anything you want to see or you have any questions then please do not hesitate to get in touch. CONTACT AND SOCIALS:- As always here's various links to my online social media. Drop me a follow or like and keep up to date! Drummer Facebook Tuition Facebook Instagram Page Twitter Page

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